Enright Companies has been dealing with different forms of paving for 30 years, and we know there’s more to your asphalt or concrete than flat surfaces and filling in cracks, especially if you’re dealing with large-scale amounts of pavement like parking lots. If you’re in charge of a parking lot or structure you need to pay attention to the integrity of your paving, but also the lines and stripes that keep your lot organized.

We know all there is to know about painting new lines, and stripes, and Enright can extend the same level of customer service that customers have to come to expect with our asphalt and concrete services to your lots’ markings. Let’s learn about why it’s important to keep your lot brightly marked and what Enright can do for you.

Paint Markings

The Importance of a Safe Parking Lot

Having a clearly and brightly marked lot is important for both you and your business customers or shoppers. What is the first thing a customer sees when they pull up to your business? Your parking lot. The lot is the first impression people get when they pull in, and you could be judged by a poorly-striped lot. At worst a customer or client could decide not to return to your business from the lot alone. A freshly painted lot with clear indications for parking and direction makes you look professional, organized, and will leave visitors with a much better feeling about your establishment.

You want your lot to make a great first impression, but another reason for making certain your lines are fresh is to keep your lot organized and orderly. A lot full of dirty or dim stripes can become a free-for-all with double-parked vehicles, vehicles parked illegally in handicapped spaces, vehicles blocking pedestrian pathways, and other disasters waiting to happen. This disruption is disorderly and dangerous. If someone were to get an accident on your lot due to poorly-marked lines, you could be at fault and up against a lawsuit. Fortunately bringing your lot up to order is one of our specialties.

Services We Offer

Enright Companies offers complete layout, marking, and line striping services for buildings and businesses of all sizes, both residential and commercial. We only use the best striping equipment and highest-quality marking paint that will remain visible, reflective, and bright through months of repeated use and traffic. This includes parking spaces, handicapped spots, no-parking areas, pedestrian crosswalks, and any unique markings your lot needs. We work with multiple colors, so you can get the atmosphere you’d like.

You’ll get a professional product with consistent, sharp lines, and well-defined edges. If the lines on your lot are faded or covered in filth, have them freshly painted for a better first impression and vehicle and pedestrian safety. You can head to our contact page to begin an estimate for your lot or give us a call directly to get the process started. Enright is all about keeping your lot safe and beautiful, so use our paint striping services to keep it that way.

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