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Speed bumps play a pivotal role in well-designed parking lots. Their importance often goes unnoticed until the lack of them results in a close call or regrettable incident. They are essential in managing speed and safeguarding both pedestrians and vehicles.

At Enright Asphalt, we are experts in installing speed bumps in Denver, providing parking lot maintenance services that enhance safety and optimize your parking lot's operation.

Speedbumps, whether crafted from rubber, plastic or asphalt, prompt drivers to decelerate, reducing the likelihood of mishaps and bolstering the protection of pedestrians and vehicles. We recognize their significance and their transformative impact on any parking lot. Our all-inclusive speed bump installation and repair services guarantee their enduring value, preserving a secure parking environment.

What are the various types of speed bumps?

Speed bumps come in various designs, dimensions, and materials, each tailored for specific applications. At Enright, we offer both installation and repair services for an extensive range of speed bumps, such as:

Rubber Speed Bumps: Valued for their longevity and resistance to weather conditions, these are frequently chosen for neighborhoods and parking lots because they're gentler on vehicles.

Asphalt Speed Bumps: Predominantly seen in business and industrial locations, these have a robust build and effectively curb speed.

Plastic Speed Bumps:  These lightweight, often vibrantly colored bumps ensure heightened visibility. Their hollow design reduces the impact on vehicle suspensions, making them ideal for temporary setups or places with minimal traffic.

Given the unique requirements of your venue, our team at Premier Parking Lot Maintenance stands ready to assist you in determining and setting up the optimal speed bump for your situation.

How Are Asphalt Speed Bumps Installed?

The installation process for asphalt speed bumps starts with careful site preparation. The desired location is chosen, considering factors like traffic patterns, pedestrian crossings, and entrances. Once the area is selected, it's thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris, dirt, or loose materials, ensuring that the surface is also free from oil and grease to facilitate better adhesion. In some instances, we may saw cut and remove the existing asphalt.

After the site is prepared, the dimensions of the speed bump are marked out, typically spanning 2 to 4 inches in height and 12 to 18 inches wide, although these dimensions can vary based on specific needs. In some cases, it might be necessary to cut or roughen the existing asphalt surface to enhance the bond with the new asphalt layer.

Before laying the asphalt, a tack coat — a sticky asphalt emulsion — is applied to the designated area to help the new asphalt bond to the existing surface. Once the tack coat is in place, the asphalt is spread over the marked area and shaped to the desired height and slope using hand tools. Uniformity is crucial to ensure the consistent slowing of vehicles.

Compaction is the next essential step. Using a plate compactor, the speed bump is compressed to increase its density, enhancing its durability.

To increase visibility, especially during nighttime, reflective paint or thermoplastic markings can be added once the asphalt has sufficiently cooled. As a final measure, safety signs should be placed around the new speed bump to warn drivers. For longevity, it's advisable to conduct regular inspections and maintenance of the speed bump.

In conclusion, the meticulous installation of asphalt speed bumps is crucial not only for the longevity of the bump itself but also for the safety and well-being of drivers and pedestrians. A well-installed speed bump serves as an effective deterrent against speeding, ensuring that parking lots and residential areas remain safe zones. Don't leave it to chance if you're considering adding or updating speed bumps in your area. Reach out to professionals with a track record of excellence. Remember, quality installation today means fewer headaches and safer roads tomorrow. **Contact us now** for expert guidance and service related to asphalt speed bumps.

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