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If you are looking for a trusted sealcoating contractor in Fort Collins, CO, then you're in the right place. Enright Asphalt is a reliable sealcoating service provider. We have been in the business for decades, perfecting our techniques for over 30 years. This makes us excellent service providers dedicated to giving our customers a hassle-free experience. On top of flexible scheduling, you get affordable services and timely communication. So when you need sealcoating services that stick to your budget, call Enright Asphalt.

Driveway Sealcoating

More people in Fort Collins, CO, should consider driveway sealcoating. It has multiple advantages, including:

  • Increasing curb appeal. Sealcoating the driveway gives it a beautiful visually-appealing finish. This increases the curb appeal of your property.
  • Improving property value. High-quality driveway sealcoating also improves property values. Potential buyers want value for their money, and a well-maintained driveway is a good way to grab their attention. After sealcoating, you can set a higher asking price, and buyers will gladly make an offer.
  • Extending lifespan. Sealcoating also protects the driveway from the effects of heat, sun exposure, and moisture. You will notice fewer cracks, giving you extended use of the driveway.

Fort Collins, CO, Parking Lot Sealcoating

When choosing a commercial sealcoating contractor in Fort Collins, CO, ensure they can provide you with high-quality services. Enright Asphalt is the ideal service provider dedicated to giving business owners a durable sealcoat for their parking lots. Our services will extend the life of your parking lot, making the total cost of ownership lower over the life of the surface. This is the ultimate goal.

Our flexible working hours allow you to keep your business running while we maintain your parking lot. You do not have to worry about downtime because we schedule effectively.

Parking Lot Striping

Your pavement markings can help you communicate with people who use your parking lot and help them navigate through your establishment with ease and safety. When done right, it can eliminate confusion and safety risks and ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

We at Enright Asphalt can help you design an efficient parking lot striping plan and offer a flawless execution so you can get highly visible and efficient striping.

Our craftsmanship has led to us serving tons of customers plan and paint their parking lot successfully and made their space safe for everyone that uses it.

Parking Lot Maintenance

They say prevention is better than cure, and the same applies when it comes to taking care of your parking lot pavement. Your asphalt can serve you for the years to come but works best when taken care of properly.

We at Enright understand the importance of each aspect of asphalt maintenance such as keeping your pavement markings clear and visible and ensuring you comply with ADA requirements to avoid hefty fines.

We also offer a comprehensive and tailor-fitted maintenance plan based on your specific needs, and it can include the following:

Common Sealcoating Questions

We have been in the business for more than 30 years. Over the time, we have received multiple questions about sealcoating, including:

How Often Does Asphalt need to be seal coated?

Asphalt needs sealcoating at least every three years. This helps prevent your driveway or parking lot from moisture and sun damage. However, you may need sealcoating sooner, depending on the traffic you get. In addition, sun and moisture exposure can shorten this window. Snow removal can also affect the integrity of the asphalt.

Will sealcoating fill cracks?

This is a significant concern for residents in Fort Collins, CO. Your driveway or parking lot could already be showing cracks by the time you consider sealcoating. But don’t worry, you won’t need a new driveway to get sealcoating. Sealcoating can fill in hairline cracks, but it is not ideal for larger cracks. Instead, we offer crack sealing for driveways and parking lots with cracks over 1⁄4. We use a hot rubber sealer to fill the cracks to prepare the blacktop sealcoating.

When Can I use/drive on my driveway/parking lot?

Excited to use your new driveway? We understand, but you can’t use it just yet. Instead, we recommend waiting 5 hours before walking on a freshly seal-coated driveway or parking lot. In addition, we encourage clients to wait 24 to 36 hours before driving on the surface. This ensures that the sealcoating has had enough time to set, and no damage comes from using it. Depending on the weather, your project manager will tell you exactly how long to wait.

Why Choose Enright Asphalt

We are a reliable and trusted sealcoating company dedicated to making every customer interaction convenient and successful. Our experts are trained, and we use high-quality materials to complete each job. Moreover, we keep our prices affordable for the people of Fort Collins, CO. Contact us today for sealcoating, parking lot striping, and even parking lot maintenance. Fill out the form to get a free estimate.

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