As experts in parking lot maintenance, Enright Asphalt recognizes bollards' vital role in parking lot safety and security in Denver. Strategically installed throughout lots, these sturdy posts guide traffic, restrict access, and prevent accidents. Constructed from concrete or other heavy-duty materials, bollards act as resilient guardians for pedestrians, buildings, vehicles and other assets. Having performed numerous bollard installations in Denver, Enright Asphalt understands the importance of proper bollard care in maintaining safe, efficient parking environments. With our comprehensive bollard maintenance and bollard repair services, we ensure these overlooked protectors optimally function and appear as steadfast sentinels across parking facilities in Denver.

Bollards: Versatile Protectors

Bollards are versatile and multifunctional tools that provide invaluable protection and traffic control across various environments. Strategically installed, these protective posts serve many critical purposes:

Safety & Security

Bollards act as protective barriers to restrict vehicle access, prevent unauthorized entry, and separate vehicles from pedestrians and structures. Strategic bollard installation creates safe zones, enhances security, and prevents potential collisions or accidents in high-traffic areas.

Traffic Control

Bollards are integral in managing traffic flow by guiding vehicles along designated routes, controlling parking zones, and delineating vehicle lanes from pedestrian walkways. Proper bollard placement optimizes traffic patterns for smoother operations.

Anti-Ram Protection

Heavy-duty bollards provide effective protection in areas prone to vehicle ramming attacks. Their sturdy construction can withstand high-impact forces, preventing unauthorized breaches of secure sites like government buildings, airports, and critical infrastructure.

Asset Protection

Bollards safeguard valuable assets and properties by serving as a physical barrier against accidental collisions, theft attempts, or deliberate ramming of buildings, storefronts, ATMs, gas pumps, and more.

Pedestrian Safety

Bollards protect pedestrians by preventing vehicle encroachment onto sidewalks, crosswalks, and plazas. They create visible boundaries and physical separation between pedestrians and moving vehicles.

Bollards are adaptable solutions that serve diverse functions - enhancing safety, security, traffic control and aesthetics across commercial, public and private properties. Strategic bollard placement maximizes protection and operational efficiency.

How Fixed Bollards are Installed.

1. Mark and core drill a hole at the desired bollard location. Make the diameter at least 2 inches wider than the bollard base to allow space for concrete.

2. Using a post-hole digger or power auger, excavate the hole to the recommended depth below the frost line based on climate. This provides stability.

3. Fill and compact the hole with concrete up to the surface grade. This creates a foundation.

4. Lower the bollard into the wet concrete, checking with a level to ensure it remains perfectly plumb.

5. Patch the surface around the bollard with concrete to create a smooth transition.

6. Fill the bollard tube completely with concrete to provide structural strength. Shape the top dome-like to facilitate water runoff.

7. Allow the concrete to cure fully, typically 2-3 days, before applying any loads or forces on the bollard. This prevents damage.

Proper hole sizing, depth, and concrete work are key for long-lasting, secure bollard installation.

Common Bollard Types


Stationary metal or concrete posts permanently installed in parking lots, protect vulnerable assets like equipment and fire hydrants by preventing vehicle collisions.


Constructed with reinforced steel or concrete, these ultra-durable bollards provide anti-ram protection at government buildings, courthouses, and other high-risk sites to deter crime and terrorism.


These lockable bollards allow quick conversion of restricted vehicle access areas to accessible zones when needed. Often used to permit authorized service vehicles on bike or walking paths.


Made of plastic or rubber, these bend and flex when impacted but regain their original shape. They delineate roadwork zones and temporary traffic patterns without causing damage if hit.

Bollards come in a wide range of styles and applications. But most fall into one of these major categories - fixed, security, removable, or flexible. Proper selection provides optimal function and protection for diverse environments.

With the ability to serve many different functions, from directing traffic to protecting pedestrians, bollards are invaluable for enhancing safety and security across diverse properties. Their strategic installation requires expertise in assessing needs, choosing proper bollard types, and performing quality concrete work. For a free estimate on expert bollard installation or maintenance from an experienced parking lot contractor, call Enright Asphalt today. Our team is ready to evaluate your property and recommend the ideal bollard solutions to maximize protection and functionality.

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