Commercial Asphalt and Concrete Services

commercial asphalt

When it comes to industrial construction and commercial projects, concrete and asphalt are required in massive quantities. Concrete is utilized to some degree in virtually every commercial building as foundations, floors, walls, walkways, and other variations as demanded by the project’s design. The largest commercial buildings, such as skyscrapers, sometimes require hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of concrete.

As a universal standard material for a long-lasting, solid foundation, concrete is a necessary component in just about every large-scale construction endeavor, from bridges and highways to warehouses and high-rise apartments. In addition to the copious amounts of material needed, such projects also demand higher structural performance and durability of the mix, as they typically receive far more foot and vehicle traffic than residential projects.

Most commercial buildings require ample space for parking, making asphalt equally as important in industrial projects. The largest parking lots need several tens of thousands of square feet of asphalt. When it comes to transportation infrastructure, asphalt comprises 94% of all surfaced road ways in the U.S.–over 2.5 million miles–making the demand for asphalt maintenance and repair ever-present across the country.

Given the demand for concrete and asphalt in every commercial construction project, Enright Companies is proud to offer commercial concrete and asphalt services in Denver and surrounding areas of Colorado.

We’ve seen first-hand the rapid growth of our city’s infrastructure and the resulting uptick in demand for concrete and asphalt. As a locally-owned and operated company, Enright has more than 30 years of experience providing commercial concrete and asphalt services all across the state. Our team of experienced professionals have advanced knowledge of Colorado’s climate and other environmental factors unique to the area that affect concrete and asphalt durability.

In addition to our structural concrete services, we also provide detailed concrete coloring and stamping to fit the aesthetic needs of commercial flooring. Our stamping patterns imitate the look and feel of a wide variety of stone and brick materials along with their natural color.

Commercial concrete floors necessitate a higher resistance to not only foot traffic, but also stains, abrasions and other damage. Therefore, special finishings and coatings are required to prolong the life of the concrete. At Enright Companies, we ensure that your commercial concrete floor is fully prepared to take on the test of time, using only the highest quality products to seal and preserve it.

With over three decades of experience in asphalt and concrete, Enright Asphalt is your preferred partner for all your commercial paving needs. If you’re looking to do business with a trusted, local concrete and asphalt expert, contact us today to discuss your project.

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