Should You Use Stained Concrete?

Doug Enright 

Stained concrete is becoming an increasingly popular way to add some flair to floors, walls and more. If you’re looking to make an impact statement with a concrete surface, staining it allows you to do just that and more. Staining concrete has become a popular way to enhance concrete at home, offices and buildings across the country. Let’s look at whether or not you should stain concrete yourself.

There are two types of concrete stains: Acid-based and water-based. Most acid stains utilize a base of water and other components, such as metallic salts and hydrochloric acid. From there, they work into concrete by penetrating the surface and them reacting to other chemicals in the concrete mix. This creates the look of stained concrete and makes it a truly unique experience. Most stained concrete can only come in earth colors because of the nature of the chemical reactions taking place during the staining process.

Water-based stained concrete can be applied to different types of concrete, new or old. Concrete straining increases the overall durability and reduces wear and tear on concrete, too. This is why you see concrete stains utilized on kitchen countertops, patios and other flooring in heavy traffic areas.

Whether or not you decide to concrete stain is based on the look you’re going for and the project at hand. Not all concrete projects will require a stain and it really comes down to what you want to get out of the space and the color scheme that goes with it. Concrete staining can be done by anyone, so long as you follow the instructions that come with it. For larger projects, you might consider hiring a contractor to take care of your stained concrete project.

Concrete can be used for a handful of projects at home. When you get creative with concrete, such as using stamps or a stain, you can do more with it.

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