How to Use Concrete Molds

Doug EnrightApril 17, 2015

Do you know how shapes in concrete are laid out? Many consumers believe that the shapes they see in concrete are actually created like bricks are made. This isn’t always true. While concrete can be designed that way, for the most part, it’s simply poured into a space and then concrete molds or stamps are used to give it a pattern. Let’s look at how to use concrete molds and why they can make your life easier.

Using Concrete Molds

After laying concrete and letting it settle briefly, you can use concrete molds to effectively give the concrete a pattern. The molds can come in all shapes and sizes so that you can get an even and uniform look for your concrete. You’d hold the mold above the area of concrete you’d be using it on, then set it down into the concrete usually a few inches into it. You’ll let it sit for a few minutes before pulling it up straight out of the concrete slowly, then away from the concrete area. Once the concrete is dry, it’ll have the mold pattern etched into it, giving your concrete a unique look.

Concrete molds, and concrete stamps, are the easiest way to take a boring slab of concrete and turn it into something more. If you’re a homeowner, perhaps you’re looking for a more creative way for your home to shine. Why not turn your concrete patio or walkway into something more than just concrete? By using a mold, you can give it a beautiful pattern that matches the overall theme and décor of your home.

When it comes to concrete, you can be more creative than you imagined. Concrete molds come in all shapes and sizes. You can even create your own pattern to use on concrete by working with a concrete supplier or home improvement store. The possibilities for how you use concrete and let it work for you are endless.

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