What is Epoxy Concrete?

Doug Enright 

Have you ever heard of epoxy concrete? You’ve probably heard of epoxy and concrete but never in the same mixture. This building material is a type of topping for concrete substrates that are often used in conjunction with traditional concrete and components. Let’s look at what epoxy concrete is, what it does and how it’s used in building and design.

More About Epoxy Concrete

Epoxy concrete takes on the property of several other building materials to mimic their look and feel in most cases. Garage floorings are the most popular surface for epoxy concrete because it’s laid on top of concrete slabs making up the floor. From there, the surface is hardened and can withstand the wear and tear a garage takes. In this case, this type of concrete helps make the concrete slabs last longer.

In other uses, epoxy concrete is used as a mosaic-like floor topping. This allows for multi-color patterns and designs thanks to how epoxy concrete dries. This can mimic paint, pigments and other colorization techniques and offers almost unlimited color schemes.

Metallic epoxy concrete can replicate metallic colors, like copper and silver. Aged bronze, nickel and other metal colors can be replicated, too. This can create beautiful designs on floors, ceilings and walls associated with high-end restaurants and museums.

Epoxy concrete is often installed over pre-existing concrete that’s been thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned. Once laid, a sealer is used to keep it in place and keep it looking like new.

When using concrete to build, it’s important to understand there’s much more to it than just throwing it down in a hole. You can use color, design choices and more to make a truly unique work of art. Whether you’re creating a patio, laying a garage floor, or something else at your home or office, you can do more with concrete than you ever thought possible.

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