Thieves Stopped By Concrete Walls

Doug Enright 

More stories across the nation are coming out about thieves breaking through concrete walls to steal from stores. Recently, a computer store was robbed after being cased by thieves who came in through the concrete ceiling. While that robbery was successful, several robberies lately have been thwarted by the strength of concrete. Let’s look at how strong concrete walls are.

Thieves Stopped By Concrete Walls

Concrete walls are one of the pillars of construction. Concrete is used in a variety of ways in construction, including foundations. Foundations, in fact, are where concrete is most commonly used during construction in everything from homes to apartment complexes to skyscrapers. It’s sturdy, durable and can handle the weight of multiple story buildings with ease.

Thanks to concrete’s sturdy properties, it makes it harder for thieves to breakthrough it during a robbery. It takes careful preparation and planning, something most thieves don’t have time for, especially during crimes of opportunity. This is why concrete is often used as liners and additional walls in factories, buildings and banks. It’s strong and sturdy. It’s perfect for protection and does more than just thwart robberies, it can help protect buildings from storms and natural disasters.

Concrete isn’t foolproof for protecting your home or business. If you want security, you have to invest in it. That includes an alarm system, ensuring your locks are working, making sure you lock windows and doors when you leave and making sure you don’t give potential thieves an opportunity to steal from you or your place of work.

Concrete can work wonders for any building and has multiple purposes. When combined with other crime stopping methods, you can avoid break ins and property damage in your neck of the woods. Work with your concrete contractor to ensure you’re protected the best you can be with concrete and other factors.

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