Steve Martin Selling His Concrete Home

Doug Enright 

Steven Martin’s 1970s home, built of concrete, and often called a fortress is being listed for around $11 million. His 7,377 foot Montecito mansion is considered a fortress to those who’ve visited along with neighbors. Often described as taking “residential brutalism” to the extreme. It sits on roughly 5.86 acres, offering an ocean view, detached guest house, three car garage and spacious pool. Martin has owned the home for over a decade and seems to be putting several of his homes on the market under the radar.

Concrete homes aren’t as unpopular as you might think. Many older homes, from the 1960s and 1970s, were built with concrete foundation and walls. During this time, and the Cold War Era, many builders believed that concrete homes could withstand nuclear blasts should war come to the United States. However, this wasn’t entirely true, and eventually the style of home faded out of popular sight.

You won’t see many concrete homes today as other styles of buildings and construction have taken over the market. Everything from steel to wood and everything in between has become popular when building a home. Steel has overtaken the market and made a push to begin building homes that are eco-friendly, cheaper and easier to erect than ever both. Concrete homes may not be as popular, but every once in a while, like in this case, you’re reminded that they exist.

If you’ve ever driven by, or been in, a concrete home, you know how spacious, comfy and beautiful they can be when built. They can be fully customized, expanded and decorated just like any other type of house out there. They can be bought and sold, increase and decrease in value, and you can find a great home in one if you choose to go this route. While concrete homes may not be as popular, for some, they can offer a unique challenge and way to get the most out of a home.

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