How to Recycle Concrete

Doug Enright 

Consumers are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Contractors are doing the same thing. When building a home, working on a project, or anything in between, there are ways to recycle the materials you’re working with. Concrete is one of those materials. Whether you’re having a contractor replace your driveway, the city is replacing sidewalks, or something in between, concrete can be recycled. Here’s how.

How to Recycle Concrete the Right Way

When working with a concrete-based contractor, talk to them about your desire to recycle materials. This can be concrete dug up during the process and any excess that won’t be needed. They can work with you to let you know how they recycle concrete. They may reuse it themselves or bring it to a recycling center. By asking questions, you can determine what the contractor will do with the concrete and allow them to recycle it for you.

If your contractor doesn’t recycle concrete, you can do it yourself although it may cost you some time and money. If you’re able to take the concrete to a recycling center yourself, you’ll save money; if not, you’ll need to hire a recycling company to recycle it for you. Depending on the state of the concrete, hiring someone might be the best bet because you may not have the means to do it yourself. If that’s the case, the best option is to pay someone to recycle concrete for you.

Working with a concrete contractor is the best way to recycle concrete. Whether they recycle it themselves or can do it for you, this ensures your concrete is being reused or recycled. This helps you, and your contractor, give back to the environment and ensure that leftover materials are being disposed of properly and safely. Everyone can do their part when recycling concrete and other building materials, they just have to take the time to do it.

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