Asphalt Recycling Becoming More Popular

Doug Enright 

One of the most common asphalt-related questions from consumers is whether or not asphalt can be recycled, reused or repurposed. In the last ten years, the evolution of recycling technology has helped make this possible. When a road is torn up during asphalt repavement, that’s a lot of materials going to waste if they’re not recycled. That’s why many asphalt companies are looking at ways to reuse or repurpose torn up asphalt.

Many businesses, transportation companies, and communities are looking for ways to save money by recycling when an asphalt job starts. This helps them avoid having to haul tons of asphalt away and dispose of them at landfills. In some cases, and university studies, have shown that recycled asphalt can last up to 18 to 20 years after being used in a new project.

Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville (SIUE), has begun using recycled asphalt to test how long it lasts and what types of endurance levels it has once set. Eight parking lots at the university were repaved with reclaimed asphalt as a test project. So far, according to university officials, the project is going well and looks to be holding up to the punishment of walking, driving and parking everyday.

Since the promise of using reclaimed and recycled asphalt looks promising, this is good for other projects across the nation who want to recycle asphalt. For asphalt companies, this offers a new way to use reclaimed materials that would otherwise be thrown out or wasted. This can save consumers money, time and energy over the years as they begin to plan out future projects.

If you’re looking for an asphalt company that uses recycled materials, make sure to give them a call and ask whether they are using reclaimed asphalt or not. Not all companies are doing this yet and you may not be able to find one in your area, yet.

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