Don't Be Fooled By Asphalt Scams

Doug Enright 

Asphalt scams, unfortunately, are common. Many unsuspecting homeowners don’t understand when they need asphalt repair, maintenance, and other services. So, when someone comes knocking on the door with what seems like a good price, their ignorance gets the best of them. They agree to a deal, fork over a check, and they never see the asphalt guy again. This is has homeowners get scammed.

In order to avoid asphalt scams, it’s important to understand that for the most part, most asphalt companies don’t go door-to-door. Recently, several homeowners in middle America were taken advantage of by a shady asphalt repair company. When in reality, it wasn’t a company selling asphalt, it was a single man who preyed on their ignorance. You can avoid this type of scam by knowing a few things about reputable asphalt companies.

First, and foremost, a reputable asphalt company isn’t going to stop you on the side of the road or street and sell you asphalt or services off the back of a truck. Reputable asphalt companies schedule appointments, give estimates, and then quote you on a project’s worth. If a company isn’t willing to come out and give you an estimate, even if they just show up at your door, they’re not a reputable company to deal with.

Any price for asphalt that seems too good to be true probably is. Be weary of extremely low material costs from asphalt companies. While every once in a while, these prices might be due to something happening in the market or a mis-order, you might want to double-check to make sure they’re valid.

Always trust your gut when dealing with asphalt salesmen. If you’re not comfortable with them, go with another company. You gut is rarely wrong. If something seems off or something seems wrong, ask questions. If your questions aren’t being answered properly, or at all, you want to avoid dealing with that company again.

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