Choosing Concrete Flooring

Doug Enright 

When you think concrete, you don’t normally think about concrete floors in your home. This type of flooring has become popular in newer homes on the East Coast. You’re slowly beginning to find them in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. Concrete floors invoke images of prisons and industrial buildings but when installed properly, and even stained, they can add a beauty and grace to any home.

Why Should You Consider Concrete Floors?

Concrete floors offer sustainability, easy maintenance and can be custom designed and colored to fit into your home’s décor. Concrete floors are also economical for families looking to save money on their next home improvement project. Concrete floors can range from $2 to $8 per square feet, making it one of the cheaper options for floors for homes.

If you opt to use materials your home is already using, such a concrete foundation or base, you can save money by not requiring new concrete to be poured. The concrete is sanded, polished and sealed, and if stained, it’s stained before sealed. These floors are easily cleaned, using just soap and water to get the job done. When paired with baseboards, the overall look and feel of the concrete floor.

If the concrete floors are stained, you can match the colors to anything in your home or room. Staining concrete is relatively easy to do, especially if you have a contractor come out and do the process for you. Staining concrete can add the color you’ve been looking for to match the room or overall theme of your home.

Concrete can be fitted with patterns, such as scoring or grid lines. While this will be more expensive per foot, it can give your concrete a look unlike anything you’ve seen. With the right pattern, paired with rugs and other furniture, concrete can make any room unique.

Concrete floors offer you a unique way to add to your home, office or any type of building. There is a variety of ways to enhance the look and feel of your floors and often people shy away from concrete because of its disposition for being cold. Concrete flooring can open up a world of possibilities for your home.

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