Why American Asphalt Matters

Doug Enright 

American asphalt is any type of asphalt developed and created on American soil. While this may seem trivial to some, as more Americans turn to American-made products and services, it’s important they know where their asphalt is coming from. While some asphalt and paving materials are shipped from overseas, such as Japan and Germany, most asphalt in America is mixed and made in this country.

Why American Asphalt is Important

By mixing asphalt before a project, it can be made to specifications that meet the guidelines of American safety boards. It can also be custom to the type of paving work being done, such as creating new roads, patching potholes and more. If you’re using a licensed and local asphalt company, chances are they are making asphalt themselves or are using an American-based company to get it.

When in doubt, ask. If you’re having a driveway paved or sit on an HOA in your local community, you have a right to know where your asphalt comes from and how it’s made. Depending on where you live in the US, it may be shipped in from other parts of the country and mixed together on-site. It may just be mixed together on-site if the materials are easily available. Asphalt isn’t hard to create but some companies rely on third-party services and vendors to get the product to and fro before starting a project.

If buying and using American made products is important to you, American asphalt matters. As more jobs are being shipped overseas and away from hard-working Americans, something like asphalt should be homegrown. As different countries have different methods for creating, mixing and using asphalt, American asphalt companies know the importance of doing business in the states.

American asphalt is just as good as any other type of asphalt on the market and throughout the world. If you’re concerned about the quality or craftsmanship of asphalt, ask your asphalt company where they get asphalt from or how they create it. A reputable company will have no issues giving you this information and explaining how they go about creating the asphalt they use for projects.

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