How Much Does Concrete Cost?

How much does a yard of concrete cost

If you’re looking to tackle a concrete-based project, one of you concerns will be how much concrete costs. If you’re doing it yourself, this can be frustrating because you might not know exactly what you need. If you’re hiring a contractor, they’ll often factor the cost of concrete into the equation for you. Let’s look at how much concrete costs and what you can do to bring down the overall price tag.

So, How Much Does a Yard of Concrete Cost?

Concrete is usually sold by yard. That’s where the term yard of concrete or concrete yards come from. When you buy concrete mix yourself, you’re buying a dry mix you mix together and create yourself. This is usually the cheaper route so long as you know how much concrete you need to complete a project. Concrete mix can be bought at any home improvement store. The price will vary by bag due to the time of year, sales and other perks of shopping frequently at a specific store. For small projects, buying concrete mix yourself is the cheapest option available.

For larger projects, your cost will vary. If you choose a concrete contractor that supplies concrete themselves, this will be factored into the overall cost of the project. Usually, concrete contractors will offer up additional discounts for larger projects cutting the costs at the concrete supply level, because they buy it in bulk to begin with, which will bring down your costs. You’ll also have to factor in if you’ll be getting colored concrete, acid-stained concrete or another type of concrete.

The easiest way to get the best price on concrete cost is to do your research and negotiate whenever possible. Research different home improvement stores for the best price on concrete mix and buy where it’s the cheapest. If you’re using a contractor, work with them to bring the cost down when they’re undertaking a large project or if you have multiple projects.

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