What is Asphalt Green Technologies?

Doug Enright 

Going green is a popular buzzword being thrown around just about anywhere you go. Even in the asphalt business, some are looking to go green with how they use, handle and produce asphalt. While green asphalt does exist, it’s harder than you’d think to make the process entirely green. We’ll breakdown what green asphalt is and why it’s so hard in this industry to “go green.”

More About Asphalt Green Technologies

Green asphalt is a process that seeks to take recycled scraps, unused mixture and bases to make an asphalt that is usable and can be laid on roads, driveways and other areas. It may seem easy to the layman to do but in practice can be difficult. Asphalt, or any product that’s mixed and laid, can be effected by any number of outside factors.

When trying to find ways to go green when it comes to construction and erection, it can be hard to find ways that still cost the same and get the job done efficiently. While the environment is something everyone should consider, in some cases the green technology does not exist to get the job done right. When it comes to asphalt, advances are being made to go green but they’re not quite there, yet, although they’re making an impact.

If you’re looking for ways to save the environment and go green, it’s important to ask the companies you work with on construction projects, like asphalt, what they’re doing to cut back on their carbon footprint. While they may not use asphalt green technologies, they may be cutting back in other ways that matter, too. Only by inquiring and seeing what they can do will you know for sure.

Going green will get better as we move into the future. As technology and construction methods change and develop, asphalt green technologies will evolve and become commonplace. Until then, it’s important to recognize that the industry is doing what it can when it can to ensure they’re safely creating, laying and utilizing asphalt. While the technologies might not be in place now to get the job done, they will in the future.

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