What is Concrete Pumping?

Doug EnrightJuly 10, 2014

Concrete pumping is when a concrete layer utilizes a machine to transfer liquid concrete through pumping. This is an easier and more efficient way of laying concrete that transferring it by hand, especially for larger projects and construction methods. There are two types of concrete pumps: One type is used as part of a truck and the other is mounted on a truck. Let’s look at how concrete pumping works.

More About Concrete Pumping

Most people are familiar with the cylinder-like concrete pumping trucks. You see them everywhere construction is taking place. These are the most common types of concrete pumps in the industry. They are controlled by the driver and use a robotic arm to pinpoint where the concrete gets laid in a particular plot. This is a very accurate way to get work done especially on large projects when accuracy is the key to efficiently finishing a project on time.

Truck-mounted concrete pumping takes place when a concrete pump is actually mounted in a truck bed or held on a trailer. Concrete hosing is used to help move concrete from the pump to where it will set. It’s less accurate than truck concrete pumping because it’s not as accurate when laying the concrete mix. One of the benefits of this method is that you can move concrete over a larger span of space because you can attach multiple hoses to span a longer distance from pump to final destination.

For larger projects, utilizing a concrete pump is the way to go. It makes it easier to lay concrete and get it to where it needs to go. You’ll see concrete pumps everyday when you pass constructions sites, particularly when laying roads and highways. These pumps make it much easier for construction workers and contractors to get their job done safely and efficiently.

Concrete pumping is just one way construction methods have evolved over time. By using a pump, it’s easier to lay concrete than doing it by hand. If you have a large project to do, consider a concrete pump as opposed to laying concrete mix yourself. It’ll make a world of difference and save you time, energy and money in the long run.

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