What to Do When You Need Asphalt Repair

Doug Enright 

If you own a property with asphalt paving, you’ll need to get it repaired eventually. Whether it’s just old asphalt, seen heavy use, or the weather makes it necessary, what do you do? Whom do you turn to? We have some tips for what to do, how to do, and how to get the best deal possible on asphalt repair.

The first step is to condone off the area that needs repair. This will help stop further damage and keep people safe depending on the scope of repair needed. From there, you want to do some basic research. The Web is great for this. You can do a search in your locally area for asphalt repair companies.

We recommend making a list of five, then checking out each web site. You’re looking for any asphalt repair company that offers a free estimate where they come out and look at the damage. This is the only way they can effectively give you a reliable estimate. If they’re giving you an estimate over the phone, chances are it’ll be inaccurate and will cost you much more long run than you might be willing to pay.

Once you have an idea of what it’ll cost, you’ll want to ask questions. You want to find out how long it’ll take to repair, how long you’ll be without the area the asphalt is, and when they can get started. If it’s a dire repair, hopefully, they’ll be able to start right away; if not, or you need the asphalt paved off-season, you’ll have to wait until the spring. Many companies can book the job in advance so long as you sign a contract, so inquire into that so that you can lock in the price for the future.

If you need asphalt repair, don’t fret. You can find an asphalt repair company that will do the job right, get it done right, and in a timely fashion.

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