Should You Use Used Concrete?

Doug Enright 

As more consumers, and homeowners, are looking to go green and save the environment in the process, they’re turning towards used products. This includes construction materials, like concrete. Used concrete is often repurposed after large projects, being donated for other projects and art. Art has become a popular way to repurpose and reuse concrete. But the real question still remains: Should you use used concrete?

Should You Use Used Concrete?

Depending on the project, used concrete may or may not work. It all depends on how the concrete was previously used and whether or not any additives were mixed in. The additives in particular can cause trouble for other projects, especially for sidewalks and driveways which may need pure concrete with a sealant and nothing else to set properly.

Before you begin your project, check with a concrete contractor about the scope and what you need to find out about used concrete before you use it. The additives involved may make used concrete bad for your project and cause more harm than good. While you can save money by using used concrete, in the long run you’ll end up with broken concrete or issues to repair which will cost you that much more money.

For art, used concrete can be utilized in many different ways. Even with additives, stamps or coloring, this type of concrete can be used in a variety of ways and create some beautiful art. This is one of the primary reasons why used concrete is often donated to schools and artists in communities, because it doesn’t take as much work to donate this way then to donate in other ways.

So, should you use used concrete? It depends on the project and the concrete. We wish there was a simpler answer than that. Check with a concrete professional to make sure you’re good to go with utilizing used concrete.

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