Why Does a Concrete Truck Spin?

Doug EnrightApril 8, 2015

Have you ever been stuck in traffic behind a concrete truck? Sometimes you get mesmerized by the truck as it spins around and around. Did you ever wonder why the truck spins? Let’s look at why a concrete truck spins and why this helps with concrete projects across the nation.

Why a Concrete Truck Spins

Depending on the type of project, along with how long the truck is on the road, it may begin spinning its concrete in the back. The reason this happens is because most concrete on a truck is already pre-mixed, this means if it sits idle too long, it may begin to set which makes it that much more difficult to lay. So, depending on the amount of concrete, the conditions of the storage container and the distance traveled, the driver may begin spinning the container to keep the concrete mixed and wet.

Most concrete trucks can hold up to 10 cubic yards of concrete at a time. Depending on where concrete is needed and the scope of the projects that day, that could mean travel time of up to 10 hours a day with a handful of stops. Each cubic yard of concrete can weigh between three and four thousand pounds, which means the concrete truck needs to ensure the concrete stays in motion a certain number of times. This keeps it wet and capable of being poured once it reaches a destination.

Most concrete truck drivers can make dozens of deliveries a day all over a given hour and never run out of concrete for the day. In other cases, they may drive back and forth between a plant and a single construction site. As they get more familiar with the concrete truck, they become adept at how to keep concrete in rotation so no issues arise.

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