How to Keep Your Parking Lot Safe

Doug Enright 

If you manage or own a large building or shopping center, you own the parking lot outside of it, too. Asphalt is popular for parking lots due to its affordability, easy installation, and low maintenance. Maintenance is easy on asphalt lots, but that doesn’t mean its non-existent.

There are two things you want your asphalt lot to be: Safe and well-maintained. The good news is that the two go together so by keeping your asphalt well maintained on multiple levels will also keep it safer. Let’s learn more about what’s involved in keeping your parking lot safe.

6 Ways to Keep Your Asphalt Parking Lot Safe

Make Sure Your Asphalt is Maintained

You must keep the physical condition of your asphalt well maintained to keep your lot safe. Cracks, potholes, divots, and other damage can make your parking lot a trap for busted tires, misaligned vehicles, and rolled ankles for pedestrians. These could even lead to lawsuits. You should regularly walk and inspect your lot to look for any damage or deficiencies that could harm those who use the lot or their vehicles.

Keep Things Bright and Orderly

It’s important to keep the asphalt that makes up your lot in good working order, but it’s also important to keep that parking lot orderly with bright and marked spaces and zones. A parking lot with faded parking stripes or faded lane markers will increase the likelihood of accidents and people parking wherever they want to. Regularly inspect your lot’s lines and markings and repaint them as necessary. An orderly parking lot is a safe parking lot, and you can keep things orderly with easy to read lot markings and bright striping.

Getting Matched with an Asphalt Maintenance Company

Keeping your parking lot safe is mostly about proper maintenance and proper maintenance is taken care of by a great asphalt company. Find a highly-rated local asphalt company to assist you in keeping your asphalt lot well-maintained. This includes regular inspection, fixing any issues, and keeping issues from happening to begin with.

Resealing and Repaving

After a point, regular maintenance simply won’t be enough to keep your lot safe and well-maintained though there are some ways to prolong your lot’s serviceable life. Having your asphalt resealed every few years is an excellent way to add extra years to any lot but even resealing won’t keep an asphalt lot alive forever. If you have your lot regularly inspected, your asphalt company should be able to tell when your lot’s life is over, and its time considers resurfacing.

Try to Keep Pedestrians Where They Should Be

Pedestrians shouldn’t be wandering all over your lot. To keep both pedestrians and others safe your lot should direct the flow of foot traffic into safe outlets and alleys. This may include pedestrian crosswalks, walking lanes along parking lanes, and hazards lines meant to keep pedestrians away. A proper, natural flow of people keeps everyone safe and directs them where you want them to go without them even realizing it.

Consider Signage and Extra Precautions

Signs let the world knows what’s happening and they’re useful for keeping drivers and pedestrians safe in a parking lot. You can use signs like NO ACCESS, directional signs, signs warning of pedestrian crossings, and even speed limit signs to help keep your parking lot a place where people park and not a place where ambulances frequent.

Keeping your asphalt parking lot well-maintained and safe keeps visitors of that lot happy and ready to come back. Keep your markings bright and organized, keep your lot well maintained, and direct pedestrian traffic to help establish a safe lot. A safe lot is an efficient and comfortable lot which always means better things to those who use it.

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