How Much Concrete Mix Should You Buy?

Doug Enright 

If you’ve ever taken on a concrete project yourself, you’ve probably faced this dilemma. You’ve figured out the scope of the project, narrowed down the timeline, and you’re ready to gather the materials and tools you need. Getting the tools you need is the easy part. It’s getting the concrete mix that might pose an issue. How much concrete mix do you really need? Let’s look at that question!

Tips on How to Buy Concrete Mix

Concrete mix is relatively inexpensive. It can be bought at any home improvement store, along with concrete companies across the nation. Whether you shop at Lowes or Home Depot, it doesn’t matter. Concrete mix is generally the same price across the board. If you only need a bag or two, buying for a home improvement store is the way to go. If you need much more, contacting a concrete driveway company is a good way to buy in bulk and potentially save money that way.

The real question is: How much concrete mix does someone need? It all depends on the project. Concrete mix is generally sold by the bag, so you’ll need at least one bag to get your project done. One bag is typically fine for small projects, such as patching a walkway or driveway. If you’re laying concrete for a fresh project, you may need three to five bag depending on the size of space you’re filling.

Once you know the square yardage of the overall project, you want to get enough concrete mix to match that plus one more bag for any issues you encounter. Concrete mix will be sold in varying size bags, so make sure you check that at the store you’re shopping at before making the buy.

Worst case scenario is you can run out and buy more concrete mix if necessary. However, if you know how much you need and throw an extra bag or two in, you can be covered in the event you’ve messed up or miscalculated. If you own your home, having a bag or two of concrete mix on hand can actually be a blessing when you need to patch or fill something in quickly.

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