Dripping Springs Texas Weary About Concrete Plant

Doug Enright 

Whenever progress is to be made, there’s those that don’t believe progress is necessary. When it comes to building, you’ll see people on both sides of progress. Some want to hold it back, some want to encourage it, and sometimes it takes time to find middle-ground so both sides can co-exist and progress. A Dripping Springs, Texas community is battling over a concrete plant being developed near a school. Let’s look at the issue and what both sides can do to compromise.

Expedition LLC applied for a permit to build a concrete plant on Bell Springs Road. They sent a notice to the community, determined by law, through the newspaper. Unfortunately, it appears most of those in the surrounding areas don’t actually get the newspapers that Expedition LLC used to give them notice, so when residents realized what was happening, they complained to the city who is now looking into whether or not Expedition LLC gave proper notice, despite following procedure.

250 Dripping Springs community members and residents held their own meeting to discuss the possibility of a concrete plant being built in their town. They’re looking for more information, especially since they can’t seem to get it from the company looking to build the concrete plant. They’re also concerned that the land being developed for the plant is going to be less than a mile from a middle school and high school.

Parents are worried about all things from noise to pollution and congestion from the concrete plant and its workers. Several school districts are now getting together to ask for more information and to protest the development of the concrete plant. There’s many concerns about the plant and so far, residents can’t seem to get the answers they need to make a real decision about whether they want this plant in their community or not.

It’s hard for communities, developers and businesses to come to a compromise, but once the information is in everyone’s hands, both sides can make a decision as to whether it benefits everyone equally.

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