Different Ways Concrete is Used at Home

Doug Enright 

Every once in a while you come across a story about concrete that makes you wonder why people do the things they do with concrete. Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials out there. When molded within a structure, it can be set in just about any way you can imagine. This leads to some very creative uses for concrete, sometimes which you can find just walking down the street.

One small town in Egg Harbor Township are trying to locate some stolen items that were found during a recent bust. The Cardiff Police Department recently discovered two concrete lions – yes, concrete lions – in a bust that included everything from a Campbell-Hausfeld compressor, a John Lennon doll and other items they’re trying to discover the owners for now.

Homes, especially ones in the last century, have used concrete in interesting ways. Everything for concrete lions to columns to concrete stamping sidewalks and driveways have become part of the American household. Concrete columns are a particularly popular way to decorate a home, and you’ll find homes on the east coast that use concrete in this way often.

Concrete driveways are a staple of American homes, being built flat and at angles depending upon the home. These driveways can be laid by homeowners themselves and repaired by them. For many homeowners, they learn how to repair simple concrete issues so they don’t have to hire a contractor to come out and fix their driveway or their side projects, such as concrete columns or lions.

When you invest in a concrete project for your home that’s out of the ordinary, you learn how to handle issues that come up. Simple repairs can cost hundreds of dollars if you rely on a contractor to come out to fix it for you. By learning it yourself, you can save yourself that money and take care of issues as they come up on your timetable, not on someone else’s.

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