What is Asphalt Repair?

Doug Enright 

Asphalt repair is the act of repairing, replacing or repaving asphalt. Asphalt repair usually takes place between the spring and fall seasons when it’s dry out. If it’s wet, including rain or snow, asphalt can’t be laid and sealed properly which is why you don’t see asphalt repair take place during the winter months in most places in the country. Asphalt repair can be costly and if it asphalt is taken care of regularly, you usually don’t have to invest in a repavement project.

Asphalt repair involves the following:

  • Filling holes and cracks
  • Repavement
  • Resealing
  • Settling asphalt

It can also include other fixes that may be specific to an area, lot or road. Depending on where the asphalt is laid, when it was laid and what type of weather effects the area will determine when and how asphalt repairs are done. In some cases, many companies wait until the spring to do any repairs unless it’s an emergency. That’s why you see so many repavement projects waiting until the spring to get started.

Asphalt repair is a serious issue that anybody who owns a road or lot needs to follow through on. As asphalt degrades and sinks over time, repairs help keep it in a state where it can be walked and driven on. Potholes, cracks and other issues can be hazardous for drivers, damaging their cars, causing them to swerve and potentially leading to accidents on high population roads and parking lots.

Asphalt repair is an important part of road maintenance. If not done properly and regularly, roads and parking lot can cause damage to vehicles and pedestrians. They can fall apart and need to be completely replaced, rendering a road or parking lot useless. Having to repave an entire parking lot or or road because it falls into disrepair can be one of the most expensive projects an owner takes on. By investing in asphalt repair regularly, you can avoid the hassle of a costly project down the line.

If you notice asphalt repair needing to be done on roads, you can call the city to inquire into who is in charge of making it happen.

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