24 Hours of Concrete Pour Go Into WA Foundation

Doug Enright 

A 41 story luxury hotel/residential tower is being built in Bellevue, Washington that will see one of the largest concrete pours for its foundation in the country. The continuous concrete pour will set the Washington State size record and it will stack up against concrete pours from around the nation in size and scope, too. The pour started on February 28, 2015 during the wee morning hours and took close to 24 hours from start to finish. Let’s look more at this project.

The Bellevue Lincoln Square Expansion has everyone from construction works to architects to engineers working to create a luxury hotel/residential tower that will beautify and revitalize the city of Bellevue. The continuous concrete pour, more than 13,680 yards of concrete, is just the state as the foundation is laid. Combined with rebar, the foundation will house the massive tower.

The tower will stand 47 stories tall and stand at 450 feet tall. This is why the foundation for this building is such a massive project. It has to be able to withstand the force of the building, and stand atop the six story parking garage beneath it. This foundation will anchor the building well into the future.

485,000 square feet of earth was removed from the site before the concrete foundation was poured and three million pounds of rebar was used to anchor. The foundation will help support the structure in the event of high winds and potential seismic activity. This mat-type foundation is meant to utilize high-strength steel for building projects such as this.

During the concrete pour, temperatures will reach 150 degrees during the 24 hour time period to help mix and set the concrete foundation. Five local plants will be continuously running trucks to and from plants to the site for the pour, while seven pumps will be used at once to pour.

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