What to Do If Your Feet Are Stuck in Cement

Doug Enright 

Living life would be dull if we didn’t mess up now and then. Humans may be the smartest monkeys, and we may have all the grace of a ballerina in certain circumstances, but we may have the grace of a Neanderthal in others. We all spill our drinks, knocking over cans of paint, and exhibit other forms of clumsiness.

Some situations are more comical than others, like stepping in cement. Any reasonable adult knows that they aren’t going to get stuck forever if they step in cement, but you if you find yourself and your feet stuck in cement, you should take care to get yourself out of the situation the right way because it may not be as funny as it seems – let’s learn how.

What Do You Do If Your Feet Are Stuck in Cement?

The situation may be funny – but it may also be dangerous. Cement is mostly harmless in powder form but once mixed with water cement can form caustic substances that are no good for the human body. If you find yourself stuck in cement, you need to get out as soon as possible to avoid chemical burns.

Try yanking yourself up, to begin with, most concrete and cement is very shallow, and you should have no issues hoisting yourself out. If you can’t draw your feet straight out of the cement, try to sit down and distribute your body weight to allow yourself to pluck the foot or shoe out. Ask for help nearby if needed, you could be in a bad situation.

Once you’re out of the cement, check for direct exposure to your skin. You may not feel it right away, but time is important when it comes to chemical burns. Rinse off and scrub the area with cool water or something acidic such as vinegar or fruit juice if it’s available. This will help negate the basic formula of the cement. Seek medical attention immediately if you have received any burns, even if they look minor.

You should stay away from wet cement whenever possible, but accidents do happen. If you find you’ve stepped in cement, slowly pull yourself up and avoid contact between your skin and the cement whenever possible. If your bare skin has been exposed to wet cement take immediate action and call for medical attention if necessary. Stepping in cement can be funny, but it may also be dangerous.

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