Why You Shouldn’t Step in Wet Concrete

Please - don't step in wet concrete

Every kid has stepped in wet concrete or written a message in it. You see a roped off area and you want to investigate. You realize the concrete is wet, nobody’s around, and you think walking across it or writing a message is funny. Sometimes an area might not be cordoned off and you accidentally step in it. No matter why you step in wet concrete, you probably should avoid it at all cost. Here’s why.

Don’t Step in Wet Concrete

There’s three main reasons to avoid stepping in wet concrete: You’re destroying property, you could hurt yourself or you could ruin your shoes or clothing. Let’s look at each issue briefly.

The main reason to avoid wet concrete is that you’re destroying property someone’s paid for. Whether it’s a private property or homeowner or the city, somebody has paid for that concrete to be poured and laid. By stepping in it, you’re ruining it, and potentially having to have someone come out and redo the work they already did.

The next reason to avoid stepping in wet concrete is that you could ruin your shoes or clothes. Depending on how set the concrete is, stepping in it can be disastrous to your shoes, especially if you’re wearing dress shoes. Things like work boots often made for issues like that but sneakers and other kinds of shoes may be ruined. Jeans, dress pants and even your socks can be ruined, too.

The last reason to avoid concrete that hasn’t set is that you can hurt yourself. If the concrete hasn’t set yet, you could potentially sink into it and twist your ankle. This could lead to pain, swelling and even breaking your ankle. There’s a reason why wet concrete is often roped off, and this is the number one reason why when it comes to safety of everyone around.

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