Is Painted Concrete Safe?

Doug EnrightApril 9, 2015

Have you ever slipped on painted concrete? It’s become an easy way for contractors and others to mark the ground. Whether they’re leading you in a particular direction, making your pay attention or something else, painted concrete is a cheap and easy way to get your attention as you’re going about your day. But is painted concrete safe? Let’s find out.

Is Painted Concrete Safe for Pedestrians and Drivers?

Painted concrete, when done hastily, can be unsafe to those walking on it. Depending on the type of shows you’re wearing, it’s easy to slip on it. Those slips can cause injury and make your life difficult. In many cases, painting concrete is lazy on the part of contractors and developers looking to cut corners and get markings down on the ground quickly.

However, if concrete is painted properly, then sealed, it can be safe to walk on. The sealant not only keeps the paint from degrading, it also makes it easy to walk on no matter the shoe. The issue with sealing concrete over paint is that it takes more time. Sealant can often delay a project, which is why many contractors or developers opt to avoid using it wherever possible. Unfortunately, for the time being, painting concrete is here to stay as it’s usually the best option available at that moment.

If you’re concerned about walking on painting concrete, you can take slow, steady steps over it to avoid slipping. Make sure to left your feet completely off the ground for each step, something many of us fail to do when we’re rushing to and fro. Make sure to invest in slip-resistant shoes if you’re walking on painted concrete often and find slipping an issue. Every time you slip, make sure you report the incident to whoever owns the property. With enough complaints, they may invest in a better marking system than painted concrete.

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