Concrete can be used in a variety of ways at home to enhance the look and feel of its exterior. If you’re looking for a unique way to make your home stand out in the neighborhood, concrete driveways can be the way to go. Concrete driveways can be customized to match your home, add functionality and even make heads turn. Here are three of the coolest concrete driveways.

Concrete Driveway Inspiration for Your Home

Let’s look at these concrete driveways for inspiration for your next repaving or new driveway project.

Garden Concrete Driveways

Adding a garden to a concrete driveway is easy to do and can offer a unique look and feel to where you park day in and day out. By pouring concrete around pre-installed planters, you can get a garden that seems to sprout from concrete driveways themselves. You can plant fauna that can even take a tire or two, which means you can afford to park crooked every once in a while.

Shape Concrete Driveways

By using a combination of shapes and lines, you can create traffic patterns, geometric designs, and other decoration to a concrete driveway that make it pop. These shape-based concrete driveways can bring concrete to life. If you have kids, they often find ways to integrate the designs into how they play outside which can bring an added benefit of going with this type of driveway.

Patterned Concrete Driveways

Concrete stamps are more affordable than ever. If you’re looking for a way to add patterns to your driveway, perhaps matching your home’s exterior or garden set-up, utilizing stamps on concrete driveways can give you the desired effect. These stamps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and they can even be custom-built if you have something specific in mind.

As you can see, there’s more you can do with concrete driveways than simply having one. If you take the time to think outside the box when adding a new concrete driveway or replacing your existing one at home, you can bring out the beauty and make a unique place to park your car.

If you’re like most homeowners, maintaining the value and appearance of your home is one of your top priorities. It’s likely that your home is the greatest investment you’ll ever make, so caring for it and making it your own is one of the many perks of home ownership. When it comes to home improvement projects, one of the most common places that homeowners overlook is repairing or replacing their driveway.

So, When is It Time for a New Driveway?

Over time, concrete and asphalt become worn, cracked and settled. It’s a natural occurrence that happens as a result of soils shifting beneath the pavement and creating voids that leave concrete vulnerable to falling, sinking and breaking. When this happens, it’s important that you have your driveway repaired or replaced because if you let it go without fixing, it’s likely that the cracks will spread, other slabs will sink, and your driveways foundation will not provide the best surface to drive or park your car on.

When it becomes time for a new driveway, a professional concrete contractor will be able to provide you with solutions for whether you should replace the driveway or just a slab. In addition to their solutions for your home, they will provide you with options for maintaining or increasing the value of your home with a specific driveway material.

Asphalt pavement is a durable and popular solution when it’s time for a new driveway. Asphalt is easy to install and with proper maintenance, is shown to last for years. Its weather-resistant properties make it more dependable than concrete and can enhance the curb appeal and overall impression that your house makes.

Another option for your new driveway is concrete. Its durability does not live up to that of asphalt, but it’s popularity, appearance, and a wide variety of uses serve as serious factors to consider when determining the best driveway material for you. Laying concrete is easy, and unlike asphalt, does not depend as heavily on outside temperature, making it a better option for those looking to get things done right away during a season that may not be optimal for asphalt.

No matter what you decide for materials, the best way to determine whether or not it’s time for a new driveway is to work with a trusted concrete professional to evaluate your driveways existing conditions and work together to improve the value and appearance of your home.