Taking on your own concrete and cement project? Not sure where to start when it comes to buying materials for it? We can help! We’ve put together some tips and tricks for finding the perfect concrete sealing for your next project.

Buying Concrete Sealing

There’s two ways to buy concrete sealing. You but it yourself or your let your hired concrete professional do it for you. If you’re hiring a professional, they’ll take care of all the material costs and factor that into your overall contract with them. That way you don’t have to worry about buying it yourself.

Now, if you’re taking a project yourself, you’ll have to buy everything yourself. This includes the concrete or cement you need, tools, and concrete sealing. This isn’t as daunting of a task at it may seem like. For most projects, you can buy everything you need at one home improvement store, such as Lowes or Home Depot. Both home improvement stores will offer everything you need for a do-it-yourself concrete or cement project.

When buying concrete sealing, remember the following tips:

Make sure to buy extra; you don’t want to have to run out and buy more down the line.
Buy the same brand of sealing for the whole project.
Confirm how much sealing you need before you start.

When buying concrete sealing, it’s best to buy more than you actually need. This way you don’t have to rush out and buy more, potentially not getting a good deal or having to go with a different brand if it’s sold out. Always buy more, this goes for concrete itself along with the sealing. This keeps you from running into issues for mis-measuring what you need to finish your project.

If you have any issues with your concrete project, you’ll want to consult with a concrete specialist to ensure you’re on track.

Ready to tackle your next concrete or cement project? Finding what you need to get the project underway and complete is easy to do. Any home improvement store out there, like Lowes or Home Depot, can be your gateway to everything you need in one place to finish your project on your own. Here’s how to buy concrete sealing for your project.

Buying Concrete Sealing

The first step to buying concrete sealing is determining what type of sealant you need. Depending on the project, this will vary. Concrete sealing is used to further protect concrete from the elements, especially water. If you’re working on concrete outdoors, using a sealant is a good idea; if you’re using concrete indoors, it could go either way. It depends on the overall project and what you want from it.

When you buy concrete sealing, you want to ensure you’re buying the same type throughout the project. If you need more concrete sealing, buy the same brand. This will ensure any even finish for your project. When you choose a concrete sealing product, make sure it meets all the expectations of what you need for your concrete or cement project.

Buying concrete sealant can be expensive, especially if you’re not sure how much you need. Each product will give you guidelines on how much sealant it contains. From there, you can judge based on square footage how much you need to buy. Always invest in extra, so that if you need more, you don’t have to drop everything to go to the home improvement store to get more.

If this already seems like too much for your project, you may want to invest in hiring a concrete professional to take on the scope of your project. They can take care of everything you need from start to finish, including buying your concrete sealing.

When you’re taking on a concrete project by yourself, it’s important to understand all the steps involved. This includes everything from buying concrete to pouring it to what to do after it sets. Concrete sealers are used as one of the last steps in a concrete project. They protect the concrete from surface damage, staining and corrosion. Not all concrete projects need a sealer, so let’s look at whether your project does or not.

Do You Need a Concrete Sealer?

Depending on the project, you may or may not need a concrete sealer. Most concrete companies will recommend one, even for something as unfinished as an outdoor patio or basement. This helps protect the concrete from the elements along with wear and tear. In the long run, it can save you money on repairs and issues that may be avoided by using a concrete sealing solution to begin with.

Most concrete companies and specialists will sell you the entire package, including sealing. This is the best deal for consumers, because it includes everything to keep your concrete project in working condition well into the future. However, if you’re doing a small project or an unfinished project, you may not want to invest the additional money in it. It all depends on the project.

One of the biggest perks of going with a concrete sealing and spending the additional money on it is that it helps block the pores in concrete. That reduces the absorption of water, salt and creates an impermeable layer which protects the concrete long-term. For some, this added benefit is well worth the upfront cost to use concrete sealing from the get go instead of having to repair concrete down the line.

Work with a concrete specialist to determine if you need concrete sealing. Chances are you will and the investment will be worth it.