If you have a front or back yard and have yet to do anything with it, you’re missing out on an opportunity for entertaining. When you own a home, you’re given the opportunity to do just about anything you can to make it your own. If you have a front yard, or back yard, taking advantage of a patio can give you a place to have breakfast on the weekends, entertain friends with a barbeque or just spend time outdoors with your family, a patio can make your life more entertaining.

Do You Need a Concrete Patio?

Concrete is one of the most widely used patio materials out there. It’s easy to use, anybody can install it, and it’s easy to repair for the most part. While you could hire a professional to lay concrete, you can often do it yourself it you’re inclined. This makes concrete patios one of the easiest – if you can look at it that way, home improvement projects you can undertake.

A concrete patio can be as big or small as you can imagine. It can be one single block of concrete or broken up into multiple blocks of concrete. It can be plain, stamped or texture; in some cases, you can even color concrete. We don’t recommend painting concrete, for the most part, because it can become slippery and unsafe when wet from weather or during a spill.

A concrete patio can give your front yard or backyard the push it needs to be a place you want to hang out. Depending on the scope of your yard, you may need to do more than just a concrete patio. You may want to plant some bushes, add some trees and do more to spruce up your yard to coincide with the addition of a patio. This can add flair, style and make a patio your own.

If you’re looking to install a concrete patio, you can do it yourself but you may want to consult a concrete contractor to ensure you’re doing it right.

Do you have a boring backyard? Do you wish you had a patio you could relax on? A concrete patio can make a backyard or front yard more exciting, entertaining, and give you a place to hang out with family and friends. Building a concrete patio is easier than you’d ever think and even something you can do yourself. Here’s some steps to building a concrete patio.

Building a Concrete Patio

Before you begin building a concrete patio, you want to consult a contractor. While this is something you can do, you may not understand the scope, especially for a bigger patio, and consulting a contractor can give you the best understanding of whether you can do it yourself or not.

You’ll also want to survey the land you want to build the patio on. Not all ground, especially dirt, can be settled with concrete. If you can’t answer this question yourself, you may want to consult a contractor for the project.

If you’re ready to do it yourself, you’re going to want to measure the area of the patio. Mark it off with stakes, then use at least a 1” wide piece of wood to help block in the area. This will help contain the concrete in the area of the patio without spilling over and ruining the surrounding area.

Once you’ve set the area, you’ll want to mix the concrete and pour it evenly in the area. You don’t want to go above the wood you’ve placed, making sure it’s distributed properly. You can use a trowel to make sure it’s even. Make sure to mark the area off so that nobody steps through the concrete while it sets. Depending on the type of concrete, it can take anywhere from 24 hours to five days to set completely. During that time, don’t step on it and try and tarp it off in bad weather to keep it dry and free of issues.

Once set, you’ll have a beautiful concrete patio to use as you see fit with your family, friends, and for all sorts of occasions.

Concrete patios are one of the best ways to add to a backyard. Depending on the size of your yard and what you want to get out of it, having a flat surface to work on can be nice. Here’s some of the ways to take advantage of a concrete patio in your backyard, especially over the summer.

Using a Concrete Patio

A concrete patio gives your backyard a flat surface to use in a variety of ways. This can come in handy when you want to create an area to sit, relax and enjoy without relying on grass or dirt to hold table, chairs and more. A flat surface makes it safer to store and use a barbeque, play games and just relax. If you have a covering over part of your backyard, installing a concrete patio below it gives you a nice place to enjoy a good storm without getting drenched.

When choosing where in your backyard to use a concrete patio, you want to think about the areas that’ll get the most use. Like we said, if you have an overhang or roof, building the concrete patio beneath it works two-fold. If you don’t have an overhang or roof, we suggest thinking about installing one as well.

The concrete patio can be as big or small as you like, but make sure it’s big enough to accommodate your needs. Chairs, patio furniture, a barbeque and even a fire pit can be built out of concrete. You can put plants, build a garden or use a shaped concrete patio to get the look you want.

A backyard is meant to be more than just a place you stare out at through a window in your home. It’s meant to be a place for your to relax, enjoy and use as you see fit. Why not investment in a concrete patio to do just that and more? A concrete patio doesn’t have to be expensive, we encourage you to look into one today.

How do you use your concrete patio? Comment and let us know below this post! We’d love to see your pictures, too.