When you own a home, even as a first time homebuyer, most people don’t realize how much time they’re spend planning and executing home improvement projects. The kitchen is one of the biggest, and most costly, projects you’ll take on as a home owner. Everything from cabinets to floors to countertops can be replaced, refinished or ripped out and started from scratch. Countertops in particular one of the focal points of any kitchen. Here’s what you need to know about concrete countertops.

More About Concrete Countertops

Three of the main types of countertops you can install in a kitchen include granite, marble and formica. The latter is the most common, and many homeowners don’t realize that concrete countertops are one of the best ways to customize a kitchen. Concrete countertops can give you more customized options than any other countertop option on the market.

With concrete countertops, you can customize everything done to the shape, size, color and texture. The texture in particular is something that can make or break your countertops, offering you a unique way to put your own touch on your kitchen. Shape can also be a big benefit for kitchens that might not have the most standard of shapes. If you have short countertops, being able to use concrete is better than other alternatives out there.

The one downfall to concrete countertops is the cost. If you’ve never worked with concrete before, hiring a professional to install your countertops is a must. This can cost more than other countertop materials, which can be installed yourself, even if you aren’t the most do-it-yourself type. If you have experience with concrete, and you do it yourself, then you’ll save yourself more than you can imagine on labor costs.

Installing concrete countertops can take some time. It’s not a one weekend project, that’s for sure. The finished project, no matter how well you planned and how well you installed it, will not look like what you imagined, which may not be what you had in mind when you decided to use concrete. Concrete countertops often need more maintenance than other types of countertop types, including waxing once a month.

Concrete countertops are making a comeback. These types of countertops are made with concrete and sealed, giving you a beautiful, rustic look in your kitchen or bathroom. Countertops can make or break a room, especially the kitchen. When buying a home or investing in a home improvement project countertops are often one of the most expensive ways to customize a room. Concrete countertops can bring a beauty and elegance to every kitchen.

When you plan to redo your kitchen or countertops elsewhere in a home, concrete is one option. Many homeowners opt to avoid concrete, because it can be expensive and hard to get the right look. However, many companies out there specializing in concrete can give you the look you want with the right guidance. Before you decide on concrete countertops, you need to know the look you want so you can help a company get it right.

Concrete countertops, along with staining concrete, can give you the colors you want to match the cabinetry, appliances and other aspects of your kitchen. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen during your lifetime. You want it to look good, work well and be a home within your home. With concrete, you can get a rustic look you may not find with other types of countertops on the market.

If you’re considering concrete countertops, it’s important to know what you want, find a concrete company that can make the countertops for you and hopefully they install them, too. Some companies may only be able to create the countertops for you, others may install them, too. If you can find a company that does both, that’s the way to go as it’ll save you money and time along the way.

When choosing concrete countertops, you’ll be able to get the color, look and feel you want. When sealed, they’ll be just as smooth as more traditional types of countertops. Whether you want something that matches, something striking or something in between, concrete countertops are one way to get what you want from your kitchen during a remodel project in your home.