Staten Island Testing Rubberized Asphalt Roads

Doug EnrightNovember 3, 2014

Staten Island, New York is testing a new project to see if rubberized asphalt might change the way we look at asphalt roads across the nation. West Fingerboard Road, on Staten Island, is the first road in New York to use rubberized asphalt. This type of asphalt could change the way roads are paved and last in the US.

Rubberized asphalt has different properties, allowing it in theory to last longer, especially when used on busy roads and walkways. Rubberized asphalt is a type of asphalt cement, made up of adhesive and tire rubber. The latter can be recycled material, which not only helps make rubberized asphalt but also is better than old tires being thrown in landfills.

Rubberized asphalt was first used in Arizona in the 1970s and is used as a primary road material in over 22 states in America today. One of the reasons why Staten Island is testing this type of road is because of the harsh, varying weather conditions that occur in the state. If rubberized asphalt can hold up to the conditions, it could open the doors to other states with similar weather patterns to begin using the material.

The test in Staten Island will go on for three seasons: Winter, spring and summer. The data collected during that time on the rubberized asphalt, along with testing other roads in Staten Island to see which stands up to all three seasons. From there, they can determine what type of asphalt would be best and how to invest in the future of New York’s roadways.

Once the test is concluded, the city of Staten Island, scientists, and asphalt companies can find a way to incorporate this type of rubberized asphalt into projects to repave and revitalize roadways that need it the most. As we said above, if this works during the three cycle season, others states in the Northeast may begin using rubberized asphalt and help save the environment, along with getting new roads that last much longer than current asphalt paving programs.

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