How to Replace Grass with Concrete

Doug EnrightJuly 18, 2017

The appeal of grass makes sense. It’s soft on the feet, looks pretty, and provides a place for children and pets to play. The grass isn’t very practical. You can’t store anything on top of the grass, you can’t park vehicles on it, and you can’t use it when you need a hard or level surface. If those are your needs grass isn’t very suitable – but concrete is.

For several reasons, you may decide you want to rip up grass and put in concrete to give your more area for vehicles, workspace, or other options. If you cut the grass down and schlep concrete over it, you will not get a very good finished product. Let’s learn the proper way to replace grass with concrete.

What to Consider When You Replace Grass with Concrete

Your first step is to kill the grass as dead as dead can be. Failure to completely kill the grass can have serious consequences on your future paving job and may negate the whole job. You can utilize commercial lawn killer for quick results, but if you have time on your hands, you can kill off your grass in a more environmentally-friendly manner by covering the grass with dark tarps for several weeks.

Once you’re certain the grass is dead, you can remove all the dead grass. Dig deep to ensure you’ve pulled up all the roots. If you have a lot of lawn, consider a sod cutter or renting a machine.

After you’ve ripped up the grass, you need to prepare the site. Depending on the job this could include adding new fill soil and re-sloping the area. Regardless of where you’re adding concrete, you want a smooth, level area for install whenever possible. This is best accomplished by a professional.

After the site has been prepped by a professional, you’re ready to pour. Enright Asphalt knows exactly how to tackle a job in your local environment. You can install your concrete if you have an extensive paving knowledge and the job isn’t too large.

Voila! What was once grass is now concrete. If any of the parts of this job are outside of your comfort range don’t put it all on yourself – Enright Asphalt is here to help. We will put our local knowledge and expertise to give you a great final looking product. Now you have all the concrete you need.

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