How Green Asphalt is Saving the World

Doug Enright 

Going green is one of the biggest buzzwords around right now. Everywhere you turn in America, there’s someone going on about sustainable solutions, figuring out ways to cut down on carbon emissions and learning how to live life without destroying the world around us. Going green has become a joke among some, a way to live among others and everyone is looking for ways to go green.

Here’s how green asphalt works and what it can do to help save the planet.

How Does Green Asphalt Work

Green asphalt, or recycled asphalt, is taken from destroyed or unrepairable asphalt and repurposed as a form of useable asphalt. Some asphalt companies have developed methods for breaking down and refining used asphalt and reusing it to pave roads, driveways and more. More than 100 million tons of asphalt are recycled every year with various methods, making them one of the most green friendly industries in the world.

Government estimates show that Americans save more then $1.8 billion a year because of green asphalt. The government invests in companies that recycle asphalt as do consumers and communities looking to save money and go green. Asphalt isn’t the only industry that benefits from going green, everything from roofing to construction to everything in between can go green with a little effort

When recycled, asphalt can be repurposed instead of being thrown away and filling landfills. Some old asphalt is burned, releasing carbon dioxide and other chemicals into the air. This destroys the ozone layer and causes issue with ecosystems across the globe, even when burned strictly in one area of the country.

If you’re looking for a way to go green, reach out to green asphalt companies in your area for your next asphalt-based project. Whether you’re looking to repave an area or repair another, green asphalt can help you invest in the environment and contribute to the green movement.

Green asphalt can help you become more environmentally conscious and make things better in your community. Companies that invest in this type of asphalt can benefit from reaching out to those looking to make a difference.

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