Project Recap: USA Rail Parking Lot Restriping & Custom Numbering

Doug Enright 

Enright Asphalt successfully completed a comprehensive asphalt maintenance project for USA Rail, focusing on restriping and custom numbering of their parking lot in Henderson, CO. This project was particularly significant due to its timing at the close of the striping season.

USA Rail parking lot being striped

Project Scope:

  • Restriping: The task involved the restriping of approximately 2,000 parking stalls, ensuring clear and durable markings to withstand the upcoming winter season.
  • Custom Numbering: A distinctive feature of this project was the custom numbering of each parking stall. The stalls were sequentially numbered, featuring either two or three-digit figures, adding a layer of complexity to the task.


  • Seasonal Constraints: The project was initiated close to the end of the striping season, necessitating efficient planning and execution to complete the work before winter.
  • Custom Requirements: The need for sequential numbering of each stall with specific two or three-digit numbers presented a unique challenge, requiring precision and attention to detail.
New parking lot striping at USA Rail


  • Efficient Project Management: Enright Asphalt deployed an experienced project management team to oversee the operations, ensuring that all work was meticulously planned and executed within the tight timeframe.

The project was completed successfully within the ambitious 30-day deadline, demonstrating Enright Asphalt's commitment to excellence and ability to meet challenging demands.

More parking lot striping photos of USA Rail

Looking Forward:
Enright Asphalt remains dedicated to providing top-tier asphalt maintenance services and looks forward to future opportunities to assist clients with their unique needs, reinforcing our reputation as a reliable and innovative industry leader.

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