Is Black Asphalt Any Different?

Doug Enright 

Black asphalt is the most common type of asphalt used for road paving, street creation and pot hole filling. Asphalt itself is black for the most part and it gets the name “black asphalt” from its color. The majority of asphalt you see, or drive on for that matter, is black in color. Asphalt is a type of viscous liquid that is either natural in nature or refined to create what you drive on every day.

Is Black Asphalt Really Different?

Truth be told, black asphalt is just plain old asphalt. There’s no difference in using the term black asphalt or asphalt. They’re the same thing. It’s used mainly for new roads and filling potholes on said roads. It’s the base of asphalt concrete. It’s used as the glue that holds roads together and transfers its black color to the concrete its mixed with giving asphalt its color.

Asphalt can be used in the following ways:

  • Create new roads
  • Repave roads
  • Fill potholes

Black asphalt is used throughout the year for road creation and repairs. In some parts of the country, these activities can only be performed during the spring to fall seasons as winter puts a damper on trying to pave roads with snow, cold and ice. During the summer months, some asphalt paving can be delayed because of the heat which makes asphalt slower to cool and settle. Once spring rolls around, you’ll see many cities opt to start filling potholes and begin road repair projects.

Asphalt is one of the ways our lives are made easier by construction and technology. Without asphalt, we’d be driving on dirt roads, concrete and worse. We’d do damage to our cars and spend more money on repairing them and makeshift roads. Asphalt has been one of the biggest construction techniques that have enriched lives across the world since its creation. Without it, we’d be driving less, walking more and spend more time traveling.

As you can see, black asphalt is really no different than asphalt. It’s the same type of bitumen that is used for the roads you drive and walk on everyday.

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