The Factors Behind Asphalt Driveway Cost

Asphalt driveways are becoming a popular way to save money, have a unique look and quickly repair damage over time.
Asphalt driveway cost

Asphalt driveways are becoming a popular way to save money, have a unique look and quickly repair damage over time. As more home and building owners turn away from the more traditional concrete driveways, the cost of an asphalt driveway has gone up. Let’s break down the factors that go into an asphalt driveway cost estimate and what you can do to save money.

What to Know About Asphalt Driveway Cost

As with all home improvement projects and construction, labor is what will cost the most when it comes to having an asphalt driveway. Depending on the company you go with, labor can cost more than materials and other factors that may come up. It’s important before you agree to a particular company doing your asphalt driveway that you price shop, get estimates and choose the company that feels right for you.

Other factors included in the overall asphalt driveway cost can be:

  • Permits
  • Asphalt
  • Loading and removal
  • Breaking up your previous driveway
  • Hauling away what made up your previous driveway
  • Weather-related costs
  • Sealing

When getting an estimate, you’ll need to factor in the following:

  • Land clearing and tree removal
  • Grading
  • Cost of asphalt

Depending on your home or land, you may need it cleared or trees removed. This can be costly and is usually charged by the hour and based on the work to be completed. If you need a tree removed, this can include the costs of cutting the tree itself and stump removal. Check with your company to see what prices they offer and what services they provide when it comes to land clearing and removal. You may need to get a separate company for those services before proceeding.

Grading may be necessary, too. You can get an estimate for this and it’s relatively cheap to do but must be completed before laying the asphalt.

Asphalt prices will vary depending on the type of year, the asphalt used and how much you need. Most companies will lock in the price once you sign on the dotted line, so keep that in mind when negotiating prices with various asphalt companies.

As you can see, you’re not just paying for asphalt when comparing an asphalt driveway cost between companies.