5 Tips for Shoveling Snow

Doug Enright 

There aren’t too many things more beautiful than white, fluffy, fallen snow. While the moment's snow is falling are considered almost magical by some, the aftermath of a good storm is anything but magical. That snow must be shoveled, and you’re the one that must do it.

Thousands of Americans shovel their cars, driveways, and sidewalks during the frosty winter months, but not everyone may be doing it the right way. Let’s review a refresher course for things you should consider when shoveling snow.

Tips on How to Shovel a Driveway and Snow on Your Property

Start Early

Snow will be the easiest to remove after it has fallen while it’s still light and fluffy. Every second you wait that snow will only get heavier with more moisture and debris so when you get snow, get on shoveling as soon as the flakes stop falling.

Use the Correct Equipment

Don’t attempt to shovel snow with your garden shovel. Snow shovels are specifically engineered to work you through the scooping motion associated with snow removal. Trying to use non-snow removal equipment to get rid of snow can lead to injury and inefficient work.

Consider the Physical Strains and Risks

According to researchers at the US Nationwide Children’s Hospital, approximately 100 Americans die annually while shoveling snow. Shoveling snow is physically demanding work, and most will do the activity during adverse weather conditions. These strains can trigger injury and even heart failure. No matter how young or old you are, be aware of the risks associated with shoveling snow. If you have a cardiovascular or pulmonary condition, you should not attempt to shovel snow.

Work Methodically

Work in a practiced and methodical manner to reduce the work. Always shovel top to bottom, and aim to shovel access areas such as sidewalks first in case you must put off shoveling. Once you figure out your specific and efficient “shoveling path,” you’ll find that the job gets much easier.

Consider Upgrading

Nothing states you must use a snow shovel, and nothing states you even must shovel your driveway. If shoveling snow is a real pain in the butt for you and your property, bite the bullet and consider purchasing a snow blower or hiring a snow removal service. It may cost some extra money but the time and energy you save will be well worth it.

When it comes to shoveling snow, start early with the right equipment and work in a methodical manner. Always consider your physical limitations and if snow shoveling is too much for you, consider upgrading to a snow removal company, like Enright Asphalt.

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