Why Colorado Concrete Takes More Punishment

Doug EnrightFebruary 9, 2015

Some states see more wear and tear on concrete and asphalt than others. Colorado is one of those states. With the flexibility we see in our temperatures, especially during winter, concrete takes more punishment than you can imagine. Not only does concrete take the punishment of being walked and driven on, but it also gets hot and cold, similar to asphalt during temperature changes. Let’s look at Colorado concrete and give you some tips for maintenance during the winter months.

More About Colorado Concrete

If you live in Colorado and maintain concrete sidewalks or driveways, you can benefit from knowing a little bit more about concrete. When concrete is poured and set, it becomes susceptible to not only the wear and tear of being walked and driven on but the weather. Colorado is known for harsh winters that go back and forth between temperatures ranging from in the negatives to record-breaking highs. It can snow one day, even a foot, and melt in its entirety the next day.

Concrete eventually will crack, warp and break, it’s only natural. The key to concrete maintenance is to take care of issues as they arise. When you notice cracks, however minor, you want to fill them as quickly as possible. So long as the concrete was sealed properly during installation, it should be able to withstand rain and snow. If it’s not properly sealed, and you don’t take care of those cracks and issue, that liquid will seep into the concrete and could potentially break it down quicker or worse where you’ll have to replace the whole block.

If you live in Colorado, it’s important to consult a concrete company to make sure your concrete is up to par. If you installed it yourself, this can be important before you first winter to make sure it’s sealed properly. If you have cracks or other issues, they can assist in how to repair or possible replace them. Even if you’re not sure of the condition of your concrete sidewalks or driveways, a concrete company like Enright can help you by coming out and taking a look for you.

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