Two Texas Counties Celebrate Highest Concrete Exports in 5 Years

Texas is one of the largest US producers of concrete, exporting it from start borders throughout the United States throughout the year. Two counties in Texas, Harris and Montgomery, have reached the highest demand of concrete they’ve seen in the last five years. This is great news for the local economies, seeing a great boost year after year from concrete production and export.

Construction in the Midwest and Southwest has grown exponentially in the last decade with steel and concrete paving the way for such a development. Texas itself boasts two of the top construction markets in the US. In concrete, Texas produced roughly 48 million cubic yards of concrete in 2013, 16 percent of all concrete produced in the US for all markets, including commercial and residential.

In 2013, Harris and Montgomery countries produced a total of 16 million to 18 million cubic yards of concrete out of the state’s total. TACA is a state trade, the largest of its kind, and represents a grand total of $7.5 billion in industry funds. The association represents more than 75 percent of concrete manufacturers and 100 percent of cement producers.

Concrete is becoming an ever growing industry throughout the United States with states like Texas leading the way. North Carolina is another rampant producer and exporter of concrete, helping to provide the East Coast with the concrete it needs to keep on top of building and road projects. With states like this leading the way, the concrete industry in the US will continue to grow strong.

Concrete will always be a viable industry in the US due to demand. It’s used in foundations and is one of the most effective ways of building a home on shifting land. Until a new method is created, concrete will always be part of the building process and urban landscape.

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