Tappan Zee Concrete Bridge Project Update

The Tappan Zee (TZ) Bridge project has seen some signs of improvement, with floating concrete silos in place to help produce and transport concrete for the project. In December 2014, a silo collapsed during the project which brought it to a halt. The failures are still under investigation, but in the meantime, companies have struggled to create new, better silos that will make the bridge project easier.

Two floating concrete plants are just about up and running for the bridge project. These silos were created to make it easier to get concrete to and from the bridge being built over a wide river. While concrete has been brought in by truck since then, it’s slowed down the project considerably because of the time involved. These silos will reduce the transportation time, allowing crews to keep on schedule for completing the bridge.

The floating concrete silos, once in operation, will make the Tappan Zee Bridge project that much easier to complete. The project, when finished, will utilize more than 300,000 cubic yards of concrete with a $3.9 billion budget. The officials in charge of the project have often joked that much concrete could create a single sidewalk from the construction site to the tip of Florida.

While construction has continued since the silo failures, it’s slowed down considerably so crews and officials are looking forward to moving full-steam ahead once the silos are in operation. The job has also faced issues with the weather and the snow pounding the Northeast has taken this winter. There’s not telling if the project will complete on time, most likely it will not even with the silos in place at this point.

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