There are many different materials available when it comes to what to apply to your private road, driveway or other surface. You need something that it will both look good and last a long time with little maintenance. Asphalt paving is a great solution to meet these criteria. Let’s take a look at 5 big reasons you should choose asphalt paving for your next paving project.

5 Advantages of Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving is Durable
Asphalt paving is known to stand up to whatever humans and nature can throw at it. It’s able to withstand large loads and frequent traffic and use. It will stand up to driving rains, snows and even hail. A big benefit of asphalt in colder climates is its resistance to deterioration by snow melting chemicals and salts. Its black color also absorbs the sun’s heat, melting off snow and ice efficiently.

Asphalt Paving is Efficient
Asphalt is easy to work with and dries quickly. This makes it an excellent material if you need the job done quickly. Most small projects such as a driveway can be done in as little as a day. You could leave in the morning and come home to a finished project in the evening.

Asphalt Paving Maintenance is Simple
It is much easier to repair asphalt than other surfaces. Asphalt repair kits are available at most home improvement stores and are simple to use for even the most rookie of handymen. These repair kits are very inexpensive as well and will have your asphalt surface back to perfect shape in a snap.

Asphalt Paving is Environmentally Conscious
Asphalt is able to be recycled many times over. There’s a good chance that the asphalt used in your product has seen a previous life before becoming your front drive. This recycling means less manufacturing of virgin materials and less greenhouse gases.

Asphalt Paving is Economical
There’s a reason so many surfaces are paved with asphalt. Asphalt is very simple to produce and very simple to install. The combination of these two factors means that asphalt is very low cost, up to 40% less expensive than concrete, and this cost doesn’t mean an inferior material. As you can see from these benefits asphalt is an excellent choice for many of your paving projects.

Asphalt paving is an essential part of our everyday lives, despite not really noticing it until we hit a pothole or crack in the road. We drive on asphalt roads and highways every day. Without them, we’d be driving on dirt roads and in other conditions that would destroy our tires, cars and make our lives that much harder to get to and from every day. How does asphalt paving work? Let’s look at what asphalt paving is and why it’s necessary.

Asphalt Paving to Create Roads

When asphalt paving occurs, asphalt is laid down in such a way to create a single road. The width, length and height of the road depends on the conditions of what an asphalt layer is working with. There’s two types of asphalt paving: New or repair. New asphalt paving is when a new road is laid down. Repair paving is when asphalt roads need to be touched up, filled in or recreated in order to create a smooth driving or walking experience.

Asphalt Paving to Repair Roads

Asphalt deterioration takes places on every road as you know from cracks, potholes and other road conditions. These conditions can cause trouble for drivers, even damaging their tires and framework if the conditions are bad enough. That’s where asphalt paving repair comes in handy.

There are three categories of asphalt deterioration: Construction, environmental and load. The latter refers to traffic loads which occur when drivers take the same roads every day. Environmental concerns come in the form of everything from weather to temperature to run off. Construction concerns happen when asphalt is laid too quickly, doesn’t set properly or corners are cut.

Any one of these can cause an asphalt road to deteriorate but when all three work together, they create an even quicker issue that needs to be repaired. Design, construction, maintenance and long-term planning can lead to an asphalt road lasting much longer than anticipated, despite traffic load.

Regular asphalt maintenance, repair and upkeep is essential to prolonging the life of asphalt paving. When the above is ignored, potholes and cracks add up, destroying the asphalt and causing issues for drivers and those that have to repair them.