Do You Need Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete

Do you need polished concrete? Depending on your project and what you’re doing with it, you may or may not. Let’s look at the pros and cons of polished concrete, along with the price range so you can decide for yourself if it’s necessary.

Polished Concrete: Yay or Nay?

It really depends on the type of concrete project you’re taken on, especially if it involves floors. Concrete floors can make or break a room, especially if it’s a dining room or kitchen area. Many homeowners are opting to go with concrete floors because they’re cheaper and they can be customized better than ever. With concrete stamps and patterns available, along with decorative concrete cuts, you can get a unique kitchen that stands the test of time.

That’s one reason to consider polished concrete. Polished concrete doesn’t look or feel like your typical grey slab at all. Instead, it looks like something stylized and cut from stone and installed as is. Once polished, it takes on a shiny, aesthetic look that’s sure to impress even the most unimpressed house guest or visitor.

Most home improvement professionals, like Bob Vila, agree, even going so far as to encourage visitors to his web site to polish concrete, especially inside their homes. For others, if the concrete floor is in a basement, you may not want to finish it depending on what you’re doing with the space. If it’s going to be storage or a kid’s rec room, you may leave it as is or use rugs to create a softer space.

If you’re not sure if polished concrete is right for your next project, especially a floor, consult a concrete professional. They can breakdown what polished concrete will do for your project, recommend ways to use it and showcase just how beautiful an addition it can be for any home.

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