Asphalt Overlays on Existing Asphalt | Enright Asphalt in Denver Colorado
Asphalt overlays are a great idea if the existing asphalt is in decent shape and the sub base is good. This method is utilized when the underlying base of the asphalt is structurally sound and is typically used on depressed surfaces, such as low laying areas that accumulate water. An asphalt overlay is basically a new layer of new asphalt compacted at 2″ or more right on top of the existing asphalt. Before that new layer can go down we apply a Petromat fabric over the existing asphalt to prevent reflective cracking on the new asphalt.
Overlays can make a parking lot look new for less than a complete Remove and Replace. However, overlays do not solve drainage problems caused by the existing sub base. If that is the problem we would recommend R&R.

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