Injured Cow Recovers After Concrete Tumble

Fawn, a dairy cow, already had a tough life before falling into concrete on a farm during a construction project. No one realized she’d fallen face first and that her front knee was stuck in concrete until she was discovered the next morning. Normally, an injured cow such as this wouldn’t be used on a farm anymore, and the farmer in charge gave her wanted a pet cow but due to her injuries, Fawn became too much to handle.

The injuries sustained from the fall weren’t healing as they should and while her new owner did what she could to take care of her, it became too much and poor Fawn couldn’t keep up. A vet recommended putting Fawn down because of the pain she was in but the owner didn’t want to do that and believed Fawn could recover. That’s when Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary jumped into the picture.

The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary had the equipment, training and patience to help Fawn recover and work with her to be able to live as close to a normal life growing up as possible. Fawn was taken to Cornell, where they felt despite her injuries, they could help her recover. They performed two surgeries on both front legs to help stabilize, set and repair damage from the injury. From there, physical therapy was performed to help her get used to her new life. With the help of prosthetics, Fawn would be able to get over the hump of her injuries. Everyone involved was optimistic.

Fawn won’t be able to keep up with the main herd of cattle at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary but has made friends in the keepers, along with another calf by the name of Maribeth who also had leg injuries. They will be able to help each other cope with their injuries over a lifetime.

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