Enright Asphalt | Repair Slightly Damaged Asphalt with Infrared Patching | Denver, CO
Infrared Patching is a great way fix slightly damaged asphalt or asphalt that is new with minor imperfections. Infrared Patching seamlessly bonds the repaired area to the surrounding asphalt, creating a seamless repair. Infrared works by burning propane with a mixture of forced oxygen to increase heat. In turn this extreme heat is absorbed by a patented ceramic blanket. In around 7 minutes the blanket will heat the asphalt to 350 degrees 2″ deep in an area as large as 48 square feet. The infrared heat will not burn the asphalt therefore, the result is asphalt equivalent to fresh plant mix.
If an area of asphalt is deteriorating due to a weakened or insufficient base (the gravel underneath the asphalt) we can’t fix it with Infrared alone. The asphalt on top can be fixed, but the problem will likely return in the future if the root of the problem (the base in some cases) is not addressed.

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