How to Combat Urban Blight

Doug EnrightMarch 5, 2015

Do you know what urban blight is? If you’re traveled through a small city undergoing economic flux, you’ve seen dilapidated buildings, empty lots and trashed buildings. Every city in America has a small, or perhaps large, section like this and the devastation varies across the country. Urban blight takes a lot of energy to clean up and get the community back into it and some cities are looking towards concrete manufacturers and builders to help revitalize areas plagued by urban blight.

In order to truly combat urban blight, developers and the community have to step up and work together to revitalize a given area. This takes time, energy and money, something many cities – and their residents – just don’t have to offer. For concrete companies looking to branch out, volunteer and help bring a community back to life, this presents an amazing opportunity.

Concrete is by far one of the cheapest and easiest to work with materials out there. It can make building a breeze and can make for easier roads, walkways and even buildings. In many cases, areas struck by urban blight can’t simply be rebuilt and remodeled. They have to be razed, cleared and started from scratch; this may seem like more work and effort than it’s worth, but honestly, it’s usually cheaper and quicker to help revitalize an area this way.

Concrete can be used in so many different ways and since it’s used in a lot of building, it can be easy to help bring a community back to an area suffering from urban blight. If your community is looking to change its look and feel, bring back some of the neighborhood, work with your local community and see what they can do to get involved. If you have concrete companies, plants or manufacturers in your area, reach out to them and local builders to see how they can help or if they have any advise.

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